Jinjutha's relationship with the art of beauty began as a forbidden passion with a happy ending. 

Jin discovered makeup at the age of 5, while playing with her mother's vanity. She was fascinated by how a tube of lipstick could transform her face. Born and raised in Thailand, in a pragmatic, Asian household, the pursuit of makeup was out of the question and became wishful thinking for Jin. Jin pursued and completed a business degree in college instead. 

Jin did not realize her dream until she came to the U.S, 12 years ago. Her long time calling and passion in the makeup came to fruition, after her mother's passing.

Jin went on to pursue her dream at a local college and trained at Ruby academy. Jin has been a freelance makeup artist since then, specializing in fashion & print, as well as bridal makeup. Jin participated backstage at the New York fashion week, as well as the Los Angeles fashion week.

She loves the freedom of expressing herself through makeup, discovering every face's unique qualities,  and unfurling the possibilities of every person with each brushstroke. 

Jin is gentle, meticulous, and intuitive as she works side by side with each bride in translating their style & vision with her skill and experience as an artist.